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Determined singer-songwriter Ellee Duke has already achieved a series of career milestones, bringing her artistry to the verge of mass recognition. 


Ellee spent much of her young life developing as a musician. She's emerged as one of today's most promising talents, possessing a passion for creating catchy songs that are deeply personal, demonstrating a remarkable emotional insight for such a young artist. 


Raised in Draper, Utah, Ellee has been singing & writing since early childhood, often racing home from school to write whatever new tune was stuck in her head. She’s written songs in hotel rooms, airplanes, bathroom stalls, school locker rooms, gyms, classrooms, churches, restaurants and even while on dates...oops! 


Such experiences strengthened Ellee’s resolve to seriously pursue a musical career. In high school, she gave up volleyball to concentrate on music. At 17, she turned down a coveted spot on the TV show American Idol, when she realized the show conflicted with her goal of building her identity as a singer-songwriter. 


"When I got the golden ticket and went through all the pre-rounds, I quickly realized it wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to learn cover songs, I wanted to do my own songs. So once I was in that process it just became clear that it wasn’t the best way for me to get to where I wanted to go. So I called the producers of the show and told them I was gonna go a different direction. It was a difficult process to get to that point but looking back I’m so happy with my decision.” 


Prior to graduating from high school, Ellee made frequent trips to Nashville, where she later moved, gaining valuable experience recording her compositions, co-writing, and collaborating with many seasoned songwriters such as: Heather Morgan, Will Robinson, Jason Reeves, Nelly Joy, Tom Douglas, Liz Rose, Kipp Williams, Jason Saenz, Tofer Brown, Nathan Chapman, Kelsea Ballerini, B-Case, SJUR, KSHMR, Sultan & Shepherd, and Femke to mention just a few of the greats. 


She's shared the stage with Lauren Alaina, David Archuleta, Paul Cardall, Walker Hayes, Collin Raye, Big N Rich, LeAnn Rimes, and Rachel Platten. She's collaborated with notable writers and producers; Andre Harris, KSHMR, Rune Westberg, Dave Aude, Mikal Blue, Brian West, Rob Persaud, Shane Harper, Scott Effman, Nate Cyphert, Steve Rusch, Nate Pyfer and continues to work with amazing people. After working with some of the music industry's most prominent song publishers, Ellee moved to LA and followed her own muse creating music on her own terms. As an independent artist, she’s tapped into a creative new musical community and an inspiring new set of collaborators. 


"I'm so passionate about making good music. And that’s all I wanna do. I guess I did get to a point where I got sick of being saturated with opinions and doubts. The music industry is really insecure sometimes and people need everyone’s opinion before they can make their own decision. That’s not how I wanna do things, especially not music. If you’re spending hours and hours a day on your art and sacrificing so much, you know what is good. So then why are you letting people decide if it’s good enough to give to the world? A question I asked myself almost every day until I decided to go independent. I've learned so much so far, and I’m just excited to keep going. Every single person and experience has lead me to this point, and I’m thankful for all of it. I’ve had to let go of what I can't control and embrace my true self, and realize if I don’t believe in me then who will? I think once you can do that, you can do anything."



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