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Ellee Duke is an American Artist/Songwriter. Born in Utah, she began writing songs at age 5. By the time she was 17, she had written hundreds of songs and began making trips to Nashville with big dreams of breaking into the music industry. During these Nashville trips, she came in contact with Big Machine Music and signed an artist/publishing deal. She graduated high school early, moved to Nashville shortly after, and began writing and recording with different writers and producers. 

Shortly after Ellee moved to Nashville, she realized how much she loved pop music.  In 2015, Ellee opened 11 west coast shows for LeAnn Rimes.  During this tour, Ellee wrote in LA with some pop writers and producers and made some of her favorite music.  She felt a strong sense that LA was where she wanted to be and moved there six months later. Later that year Ellee signed a new publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music. Then in 2018, after a long struggle of fighting to stay true to herself, she decided to step away and become an independent artist. 

Since then, Ellee got her first Billboard #1 with a song she cowrote called “Craving” that she collaborated on with Arty and Audien. She’s gotten cuts with JLo, Charlotte Lawrence, Walk the Earth, Alexander Stewart, Ali Simpson, and has a lot more in the works.

Ellee opened for Rachel Platten in 2016 and has played shows all around the US since a very young age. She’s currently working on her next roll out of original music, and telling her story in a vulnerable and profound way. 

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