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Behind The Song

Animal had started out as a really stripped back idea during the pandemic in my living room, and I had posted a clip of it on my Instagram. The clip received tonnes of great feedback which made me want to produce it and release it. I was thankful to produce it with my super talented friend Nate Pyfer.


I was in a relationship once where I felt like I was always too much. Whenever problems arose this person would say the issues weren't the hurtful things they were saying and doing but that I was just too sensitive.

Ever felt like your heart is too big for your body? I remember wishing I could shrink mine so I would stop getting hurt so much. But since then, I've learned that having a big heart isn't a weakness and giving my love, time and energy to someone who weaponizes it against me isn't someone who is worthy of me.


I hope this song reminds you that it is okay to love big and to love yourself even bigger.

Ellee's Story

American Artist & Songwriter, Ellee Duke was born in Utah, where she dreamed of becoming an artist from the age of 5. From writing songs in her bedroom, to being thrust into major deals, she fast found out the music industry was not to be all she had hoped it to be.


Fighting for her voice as an artist, Ellee battled with the pressure of conforming to develop into other people’s ideas of who she should become. “I thought it was gonna make me successful—being a team player and listening to people who had done more and had more success than me. That was my mistake, no one knows me like I know me.”


After a long struggle of fighting to stay true to herself, she decided to step away and become an independent artist. 


Since then, Ellee has risen to new heights, achieving her first Billboard #1 with a song she cowrote called “Craving” that she collaborated on with Arty and Audien. She’s gotten cuts with JLo, Charlotte Lawrence, Walk off the Earth, Lukas Graham, Alexander Stewart, Ali Simpson, and has a lot more in the works.


She’s currently working on her next roll out of original music, and telling her story in a vulnerable and profound way. 

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