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I Hate Cardio

September 15
I Hate CardioEllee Duke
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Behind The Song

Let’s talk about “the chase.” I’ve always detested it. Because sadly 99% of the times I put it all out there and chased someone, I was left broken hearted. So I swore I would never ever ever do it again. And then I met Austin. Oh Austin with the green eyes and the dimples and the perfect teeth and James Dean hair… good God I was done for. And there I was again tempted by the stupid little chase bug. I started leaving little notes on his car, texting him first (OMG I know), going out of my way to put on makeup and a cute outfit before he’d pick me up. I remember trying so hard to fight it but the way I felt about him was undeniable, and he definitely made taking it slow harder than I would’ve liked. 

I wrote my newest single “I Hate Cardio” about this feeling. Hating the chase and yet being so excited about somebody that you’re almost tripping through your own emotions trying to resist it with little to no success. Writing this song with Alex Veltri, Larzz Principato (produced as well), and Ben Antelis was a magical day. We all felt such an energy that this was something special. It's been one of my dreams to have the incredible Josh Gudwin mix a song for my project and that came true with this song which was such a huge honor. I couldn't be more excited to share this bop with the world. 

Ellee's Story

Ellee Duke is an American Artist, Songwriter and Entrepreneur. Blending real life stories with original, quirky pop beats, Ellee Duke has a gift for expressing complicated feelings in an accessible, vibe-setting way. Ellee got her first Billboard #1 with a song she co-wrote called “Craving,” a 2019 collaboration with Arty and Audien. She’s also written songs for Walk off the Earth, Alexander Stewart, and Ali Simpson, and is currently CEO of her own label, New Me, LLC.

Ellee's core values of integrity and empathy afford her a loyal, eager audience, garnering 100k+ monthly Spotify listeners, millions of views on TikTok, and 5+ million streams internationally. Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, Ellee dreamed of becoming an artist from the age of 5. She began penning her own material right away and by age 17, had hundreds of songs. This propelled Ellee straight to Nashville where she found early success with major labels and publishing deals. But as a young woman in an industry that demands an ideal from you, finding yourself is close to impossible. 

“Throughout the years I really lost myself trying to be what I thought other people wanted. Being in the music industry at such a young age, I fell into this mindset even deeper.” Ellee chose to embark on a journey back to self, and quickly found healing in being an independent artist and songwriter.

Now with multiple tours and releases under her belt, Ellee is taking the music world (and TikTok) by storm as a creative, executive, and role model. 2021 found Ellee at the Superbloom Music Festival, after touring with Rachel Platten, and LeAnn Rimes. Also the winner of the National Durango Songwriting Contest, Ellee was featured on five Spotify Editorial Playlists in just the first month of release.  

With a fresh outlook and untold experience, Ellee is writing her most vulnerable work yet. She’s been focused on building a healthy, loving relationship with herself and is ready to divulge to her fans just how she made it out of the dark. “So many of us struggle to figure out how to exist in a world that constantly tells us how to live…I want to show others [that] anyone can become the person they were meant to be by living authentically.”

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